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The global mobile user base has skyrocketed to 4.77 billion people, so customer focus and targeting has become extremely important. You don't want your app to get lost in the noise.

With over 9 years of mobile app development experience, our expert team can design your app experience to both retain current users and draw in new ones. We can also optimize your app across several different platforms, like iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, so that you can reach the widest possible audience. The team will listen closely to your development wish list, and then walk you through the development process. You provide the dream, we provide the results.

Why You Should
Abrotek Mobile App Development ?

  • We know how to create secure adaptable apps with e-commerce functionality.
  • Our rates and high-quality of work are unbeatable.
  • We offer a seamless delivery guarantee with every accepted order.
  • Our reputation of success and experience speaks for itself (over 100 apps and counting).
  • Our services can be customized to fit your need - full-time, part-time, or consultation.

Mobile App Types

Native Apps

Android App

Android represents one of the largest mobile app user bases available, and our experts are intimately familiar with Android app development. They can build you a customized high-quality app from the ground up that will perfectly represent your business and cater to your specific user niche.


The user base for iOS is extremely large and hungry for new app experiences. The expert developers here at Abrotek know how to create a compelling mobile app experience that will tap into that powerful iPhone user base. Our emphasis on simplicity, usability, and performance creates an unparalleled app experience that will increase your productivity and profitability.


Hybrid Apps


Developing native apps for several different platforms can be aggravating, and honestly it isn't necessary. With Xamarin, our amazing development team can create a seamless cross-platform app experience that will grow your possible user base like never before.

Ionic App

If you are looking for a hybrid app options that is easy to manage and versatile, then an app built with the Ionic framework may be the answer you need. The Abrotek app development team can create sleek cost-effective apps through Ionic that would be perfect for large and small businesses alike.

PhoneGap Apps

PhoneGap uses a single codebase, so simplicity is the key. Using PhoneGap, our team can create a beautiful and functional app that works across every available platform, while still remaining relatively cheap to produce.


Appcelerator is yet another cross-platform app development system with which the Abrotek development experts have tons of experience. Whether you are a small business looking for low cost performance, or a large corporation who needs beautiful functionality, Appcelerator could be your best option.

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Mobile App Portfolio

Below are some of our previously developed mobile apps that showcase our unique conversion-focused designs.