Remote & Reliable: 24-hour SLA Management (IT Support)

Abrotek offers the best IT Support to meet your contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA). We guarantee your SLA compliance from downtime through our speedy recoveries using best practice protocols. We combine industry talent and up-to-date technology to ensure optimal monitoring, reporting and management of your SLA services. Clients want seamless uptime and 24-hour support. We are the individuals with the know how to meet their expectations and exceed yours!

SLA Incident Management Services

Our developers offer incident management services that capture incident based knowledge gained in the issue resolution for future use, automate IT asset discovery and reporting, and intuitively report and track technical performances and ticket statuses.

SLA Monitoring Support Services

Abrotek's SLA support involves specialists who provide tiered-level, global support with round the clock attention to critical issues/incidents, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure with guaranteed SLA compliance. Our support is highly scalable, enabling future enhancements to be easily implemented.

SLA Reporting Services

Our comprehensive SLA reporting software includes features that enable processes such as root-cause analysis, request/problem management, incident processing and management, patch deployment, interaction and trouble shooting.